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MX 101

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Plane I am not an airline mechanic. I can hardly change a flat tire on my car. So a few weeks ago when I was invited to help with our Maintenance Crawfish Boil, I was ecstatic. A good friend and Coworker of mine, Katie, came along too. Hollee in plane Plane 2While serving crawfish to our amazing Mechanics, I was also able to catch a glimpse inside one of our 737s during a maintenance check. WOW! The best metaphor I could think of is an airplane is like my attic. In my attic, the framing and structure is in place but the wiring is exposed, the flooring is plywood but mostly it looks unfinished. When we do a comprehensive maintenance check on a plane, we remove all the seats, the bins, the flooring, the walls…everything. This allows our Mechanics to check the entire structure of the plane. Have you ever noticed that we have one row on the airplane without a window? During my visit, I found out why. The row without a window has air conditioning ducts to cool the airplane. Check it out in the picture below. AC So while I'm not as technicaly related to Mechanics as my other blogger, Gordon, I thought I'd share my view.