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Making Dreams A Reality: We Said Yes to the First Available Trip and Had the Time of Our Lives

Explorer C

After watching the movie "Yes Man," in which Jim Carrey becomes addicted to saying yes to every opportunity, I think many of us became obsessed with the idea of buying plane tickets to the first available destination after watching him do the same. Some friends and I were no different. The idea of throwing caution to the wind and haphazardly navigating an unknown territory with no plan arose in nearly every conversation we held for over three years.


So, we went for it.




We had just over 24 hours from the time we arrived at the mystery destination to catch another flight back home. This was because the next day we planned on driving the 700 miles from Denver, Colorado to Bozeman, Montana. We decided to fly Southwest because something about the iconic Heart logo seemed to align with the spirit of our mission. 




Each of us had a backpack, a skateboard, and some overly optimistic dreams of how the trip would go. Here is a short film we put together about the resulting adventure, and some photos to spark your wanderlust. 



A huge thanks goes to Southwest for helping us take on the greatest trip of our lives.