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Marine Reports to his Daughter's Birthday Extravaganza

Explorer C


On my daughter’s sixth birthday, we planned a huge celebration, complete with an appearance from her daddy who is a 14-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Before her party, he had already been gone for three months. We had the tickets booked and the cakes made. Our birthday princess had a handmade dress ready to go. Disney’s Moana even accepted our invitation to her party. Everything was ready to go—then I got the call.


We booked his tickets home with another airline, and they canceled his flight and couldn’t get him home until the following day. He would miss the party we had been planning for months. I tried getting a flight with the original airline, but their representative was cold, uncaring, and told me it was my problem. In a panic, I booked a flight for him on Southwest, only to find I had booked a flight out of the wrong airport.


us marine arives home2.jpg


I called Southwest, and the Customer Service Agent I spoke to went above and beyond to solve my problem. He was caring, compassionate, and reassured me that my little girl’s daddy would make it home for the party.


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The Customer Service Agent proactively looked up flight times to ensure he could make it to the airport in time to catch the next flight, offered to call a cab, adjusted the price I paid online for a military discount, checked my husband into the flight, and most importantly, he showed kindness and compassion. He even wished my daughter a happy birthday from all her friends at Southwest!


In part because of Southwest’s amazing Customer Service, my daughter had the birthday party of her dreams. In the future, I’ll never be booking a flight anywhere else.