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Marry Me, FLY FREE! And He Did.

MARRY ME, FLY FREE! And he did. On October 25, 2007, my hubby Peter and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary in Cambodia. kim-and-peteblog.jpgangkor-watblog.jpgIt was a special day because we renewed our vows with my sister-in-law Aimee, an ordained Episcopal priest, who officiated the surprise ceremony. The ceremony set the mood for visiting the sacred and majestic Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples. Lucky for me, travel is in Pete's blood too. One of the perks of being a Southwest Employee is our ability to travel the country for FREE, and the WORLD for peanuts. (Not to mention discounts on hotels, car rentals, restaurants - even surfing lessons in Waikiki, to name a few!) We LUV to hop on a plane and travel just about anywhere. I remember flying to London to catch a play one weekend and then to Hawaii the next, just because we could. Last weekend, as we trimmed our Christmas tree with the ornaments we've collected from throughout the world, I counted over 35 trips to over 20 countries since we got hitched. blogcuba.JPGblogegypt.JPGSome of our favorite ornaments are from Havana, Bali, Sydney, Athens, and Another great Southwest perk: If I work the qualified amount of hours per quarter, I receive Buddy Passes to give to additional family members and friends. molly-and-peterblogii.jpgIn fact, SANTA'S HELPERS (my in-laws) will be using a couple of Buddy Passes to visit us this Holiday. HO, HO, HO, can't wait! If you're passionate about travel, we're hiring! Visit our careers page for details
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Does SW need a very nice and funny attorney to serve as in-house counsel in the San Diego area? I sure would LUV to fly free too!
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I am so glad to keep hearing grate things about southwest airlines. I can't wait to start my training class i know that it is going to be so much fun.
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I have been dating a girl for a year and a half, and she works for delta airlines. I have been flying free for the whole year she has been working there (as the registered guest). A situation is coming up where I will lose my free flying unless married. There was an idea of getting the marriage certificate just to fly, but obvious worrying comes with that idea. Any Advice????