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Media Day Lunch and Daryl Krause's Presentation

Aviator C

I'm still here at Media Day, and at lunch, the tables were turned as most of Southwest's Officers heard from a panel of industry experts who took a look at the future of the industry.  This included Terry Tripler, Rick Seaney, Randy Petersn, Tom Parsons, and Peter Greenberg. 

Daryl Krause, our Senior Vice President Customer Services, spoke after lunch, and he used his session to talk about the Southwest Customer Experience and some enhancements coming along. We are rolling out a program where Reservations Agents can actively assist our Customers who may have a lost bag.  Southwest plans to begin accepting Customer e-mails early in 2009.  For Customers during irrgeular operations, the first steps of Automated Outbound Messaging went into effect with Gustav and Ike.

Our resent shift to a Cashless Cabin is what Daryl calls "the most important initiative in recent months."  The change has already led to an eight percent increase in onboard sales.

Explorer A
What is AOM and could you possibly explain how it works for you guys?

Joseph M.

Dallas, Texas

Explorer C
JoeDal, AOM is explained here.. The new service—called Automated Outbound Messaging (AOM)—will allow us to proactively deliver automated and customized messages to Southwest Airlines Customers when their flights experience a significant change. Providing this critical information will give our Customers an opportunity to adjust their reservation and minimize the effect that a flight irregularity has on their travel plans. Help, I have been removed as a piece of unattended baggage!!!! Ding! boy Joe 🙂