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Medical Transportation Grant Program Celebrates Milestone Anniversary!


Southwest Airlines Medical Transportation Grant Program (MTGP) turns 15 this year! Since 2007, Southwest has proudly served medical patients and their families by providing more than $42 million in complimentary air travel for life-saving or life-changing medical care. We are honored to work with nonprofit hospitals and medical transport organizations nationwide that help support this mission.

As we reflect on 15 years of giving through this program, we are reminded of some of the extraordinary friends we have supported along the way, including sweet Wrenn, courageous Cam, and inspiring Oyoana. Travel support through MTGP provided some financial relief so Wrenn, Cam, Oyoana, and over 100,000 other patients impacted through the program, could focus on what matters most -- their health and wellbeing.  This year, Southwest will award 76 grant recipient organizations with over 10,000 roundtrip flights to continue serving this important need.

In celebration of this 15th-anniversary milestone and as a thank you to our hard-working healthcare heroes, we are donating an additional 15 roundtrip flights to each of our medical program recipients to further advance their missions.



“We were thrilled to receive the good news of having received 15 round trip tickets to celebrate the Medical Transportation Grant Program’s 15th anniversary,” shared Kelly Johnson, System CNO from The Queen’s Health Systems in Honolulu Hawaii. “It couldn’t have come at a better time! We just launched a Safety Tips initiative amongst our caregivers and will be using six of the tickets as prizes. Our caregivers are so exhausted so we wanted to come up with a fun way to re-educate our caregivers on the importance of safety.”

It’s been amazing to see the reach and impact MTGP has had on so many by truly connecting People to what’s important in their lives. We look forward to sharing more about this signature program as we honor our partners and the many families that have benefited by receiving life-changing care and support.

To view a full list of participating partners visit Stay tuned for an in-depth story about one of our original hospital program partners!