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Medical Transportation Grant Program Gives Kids a Fighting Chance

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Addison is a fighter. Since she was born, Addison has fought Larsen's Syndrome, a disease that causes many dislocations to her body.  Looking now at this 5 year-old, blue-eyed, free-spirited, never-say-never tomboy, it’s hard to believe the many obstacles she has overcome. Addison’s life may have begun with an obstacle, but she reminds me every day that life is worth fighting for.

Addison’s condition has left her without the basic use of her legs and knees, but she never lets this condition stand in her way. She is determined to be just like her friends, always willing to try something new, and never complaining.


For the first three years of her life, Addison received care at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children where she was constantly in and out of surgeries. In 2011, we knew that Addison’s best options for treatment were far beyond the boundaries of our hometown in Rockwall, Texas. The Medical Transportation Grant Program allowed Addison to travel to Children’s Hospital in Boston to receive care and advice from one of the top hospitals in the nation. Since 2009, Addison has learned how to stand on her own, take her first steps, jump her first jump, walk by herself, and enjoy having fun like the rest of the kids her age. 

Our daughter brings spirit to a room like no one we have ever met, and her smile will brighten even the darkest of days. We could not be more proud of Addison’s determination and success, and we know she wouldn’t have a fighting chance without Southwest’s Medical Transportation Grant Program.

Over the past five years, Southwest has been humbled to lessen the burden of travel expenses for nearly 20,000 families who are facing serious illness. In 2012, Southwest provided more than $2.4 million in free transportation through our Medical Transportation Grant Program to hospitals and organizations nationwide. Learn more about this amazing program and how nonprofits can apply to participate: