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Meet Matt

Explorer A
As the official "Marketing Girl" for Albuquerque, I'm super excited to introduce you to Matt Plowman. Matt is moving to Albuquerque to manage our Albuquerque Reservations Center. He started with Southwest years ago as a Reservation Sales Agent and has worked his way up to Center Leader. He lives the Southwest Way with a Warrior Spirit, a Servant's Heart, and a Fun-LUVing attitude. Matt's father was in the Air Force, so he has lived all over the United States. He was born in Missouri and has made stops in California, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Alabama, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. With three young kids, his favorite Southwest City is Orlando, the location of the family's favorite place on earth, Walt Disney World. You might catch him shouting "BOOMER SOONER!" as he roots on the University of Oklahoma. (On a personal note, OU is my second favorite college team. Being that I'm a Tennessee fan in Big 12 country, I usually share in Sooner talk over the water cooler.) If you were to search Matt's iPod, you might find a number of songs by BNL, the Barenaked Ladies, as they are his favorite musical group. As with most Southwest Employees and Customers, Matt enjoys travel.  I asked Matt the following: What is the best advice you ever received? "To be myself and the sky is the limit." What is the best advice you ever given? "To have fun with whatever you do and enjoy the People around you." Matt, Welcome Back to ABQ!