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Meet Our December A-Lister: John Scarborough, President, Deep Eddy Vodka


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“Listen. That’s the best advice I have received, and I work on getting better at it every day.”

—John Scarborough, President, Deep Eddy Vodka


For Deep Eddy Vodka president John Scarborough, the best part of his job is the pride he feels watching people enjoy the company’s spirits, whether that’s in a bar, a restaurant, or even on a Southwest® flight. After all, he knows the hard work and care that goes into crafting the Austin, Texas-based vodka. Deep Eddy emphasizes authenticity, both in its all-natural flavor and the brand experience itself. To John, that starts with building a bond with the people who create the Deep Eddy experience, and he relies on Southwest’s convenient flights to connect him to the team around the country. Thanks, John, for being a loyal Customer—and for helping us all enjoy a delicious drink 35,000 feet in the air. —Delaney Sanders, Communications & Outreach 


Open Invitation “We just finished an expansion of our Deep Eddy Vodka Tasting Room in Dripping Springs, Texas. Say hello the next time you’re in Austin.”


Mood Booster “I can’t tell you how many times Southwest has put a smile on my face when I was tired during an early flight or after a long day of travel.”


Cheers! “My go-to beverage on Southwest has to be Minute Maid Cranberry Apple Cocktail and Deep Eddy Ruby Red. A flight attendant recommended it to me, and it’s so delicious.”