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Meet Our July A-Lister: Heike Young

Adventurer B

“You don’t need a certain job title to be a leader. Start acting like one, and the rest will follow.”

                                                  —Heike Young, Content Innovation Lead, Salesforce




Heike Young spends most of her time in the clouds. As host of the Marketing Cloudcast, a podcast from Salesforce, Heike travels from the digital cloud to real ones 35,000 feet in the air as she crosses the country for events. A Southwest Companion Pass holder, Heike often plans weekend getaways with her husband, Khad, to explore local restaurants. Recently, she even cashed in Rapid Rewards points for her first international trip flying Southwest to Liberia, Costa Rica, and Khad got to come along for the ride. Here’s to many more memories, Heike. See you in the clouds! 


Why Southwest? “Southwest’s flexibility is a huge lifesaver. If my work requires an additional stop or I want to tack on a personal trip, I don’t have to worry about a fee.” 


Get Moving “My No. 1 travel tip: Instead of sitting at your gate for two hours, go for a walk. This burns extra calories and improves your mood and state of mind.” 


Career Advice “Own your opinions and mistakes. One of the greatest bosses I’ve had was a well-respected leader, but if he did something wrong, he was the first to acknowledge his mistake.”


Self-Starter “I’d never podcasted before the Marketing Cloudcast. I became an apprentice of the craft and taught myself how to build an audience.”