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Meet Our July Star: Flight Attendant Stephanie Sumida

Adventurer C

“I love coming to work every day and being myself.” Stephanie Sumida, Flight Attendant

Photo by Daniel BedellPhoto by Daniel Bedell

Since becoming a Flight Attendant in 2013, Stephanie Sumida has welcomed Customers onto planes with open arms. She enjoys amusing Customers by playing bingo mid-flight and donning elaborate accessories during the holidays. An avid runner and outdoor enthusiast, Stephanie carries her zest for life from the aircraft to the Rocky Mountains. She recently soloed her first 14er—a mountain that tops 14,000 feet. Stephanie also has a heart of gold: One year, she clipped coupons and used them to purchase supplies that she then donated to local charities. If she’s not out for a run, climbing mountains, or bargain hunting, Stephanie is providing the highest level of Hospitality to Customers.


—Cindy Hermosillo, Communications & Outreach


Second Home “I’ve learned that Southwest will always be here for me. Southwest is my Family. It’s my safe place, my happy place.”


Lots of Laughs “I’m so fortunate to be able to spread the love to everyone I meet at work. Every flight, I use a pair of Groucho glasses to make Customers laugh—the kiddos get a real kick out of them.”


Bargain Bird “I enjoy my time in Midland–Odessa in Texas. Not only is everyone nice, I’ve found a gem of a place with the best chicken wings for 25 cents each.”


On the Move “I may start off my day in sunny San Diego and end up in breezy Amarillo—I’m in constant motion.”