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Meet Our June A-Lister: David Holmes

Frequent Flyer C

“Success is infinite. Someone else getting their slice of the pie doesn’t mean there’s less for you.”

                                                               —David Holmes, Chiropractic Sports Physician




David Holmes didn’t earn 1.4 million Rapid Rewards points overnight. A Twin Cities–based chiropractor who works with elite and professional athletes, David travels coast to coast to serve his clients. Changing flights with ease and without fees is key in a field where unexpected sports injuries are just that—unexpected. When not flying in planes, David is jumping out of them, and he and his wife use the Companion Pass to skydive in different destinations. David also plans on launching LogicalBody, a website dedicated to helping others understand their health and better manage injuries on the go. There are a million reasons we’re proud to fuel David’s practice and adrenaline rushes. 


Points Party “When I hit one million Rapid Rewards points, the Southwest Employees in Columbus signed a banner and announced it over the PA system.”


Boise Bound “My wife and I have been taking weekend trips to new states so we can experience something that makes that state exceptional. Next up: Idaho.”


Juice Break “It’s important to eat healthy while traveling. On layovers in Denver, I eat at Root Down because of their organic options.” 


Travel Tips “I’m a minimalist when I travel and keep my bag organized. Fly By Priority Lanes are a must since they allow me to skip long lines.”



Adventurer B

When I first saw the headline for this story, I had to look twice when I saw the name "David Holmes" because my first thought was that it was in reference to Southwest's famous "Rapping FA."  😉


Maybe next time I read an article, I'll remember to put my glasses on 😉



Paul in CRP


Ha!  Paul ... I thought the same thing 🙂

Explorer C

Nice article. Good work, David!