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Meet Our March Star: Kevin Cook!

Adventurer C

“I try to be a hardworking guy and help everyone have a good time.”

—Kevin Cook, Material Specialist



Born and raised in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park, Kevin Cook is the hardworking, easygoing Midwestern type. Add his fun-loving humor to the mix and you have the quintessential Southwest Airlines type. Kevin spends his days as a Material Specialist at Chicago’s Midway Airport, where he ensures that Mechanics have the parts they need to maintain Southwest’s aircraft. His work ethic and slapstick humor keep the productivity high and the mood fun during busy shifts. Kevin makes his Coworkers smile and keeps our Customers headed to their destinations safely and on time. His specialty is doing impersonations, but we think Kevin is a shining star just for being himself. 




Lesson Learned “Don’t judge people too soon. Some people I didn’t think I’d get along with at first turned out to be great friends.”


Tinley Park Tips “Go to Swallow Cliff Woods. The hundred-plus limestone stair climb will get your heart going thump thump thump.”


Pack It Up “Material Specialists do a lot behind the scenes. The slides, oxygen bottles, and all those things that are hazardous sometimes have to be shipped. We have to know how do it the right way.”