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Meet Our May A-Lister: Loni Swain

Explorer C

“Southwest is a Company that has a heartbeat. They genuinely care about their Customers.”

                                                                   —Loni Swain, Founder, Loni Loo’s Candy


A multimedia personality by day and chocolatier by night, Loni Swain could be described as both sweet and great with words. The New Orleans native, who inherited a passion for cooking and her recipe for chocolates from her mother, runs the Chicago-based Loni Loo’s Candy. Giving back is a big part of her growing company, which participates in monthly philanthropic partnerships. With work and loved ones in two different cities, Loni earned her A-List status by traveling between where she needs and wants to be. And while she finds the small-business world exciting and terrifying, Loni believes that’s what makes it worth it. With travel treats this good, we’re thrilled to be along for the ride!


Celebrate Spontaneity “Southwest’s Wanna Get Away fares are your friend. You never know what you’ll find in an unexpected city.”


Good Eats “Being from New Orleans, food has always been a big part of my life. Both of my maternal grandparents were professional cooks.”


Go-Getter “Trust your gut and work hard. In entrepreneurship, there’s a lot of freedom, but self-discipline is required.”