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Meet Our November Star: Southwest Airlines University Inflight Training Manager Darin Sanders


“I instantly fell in love with airplanes, flying, and Southwest.” Darin Sanders, Manager, Inflight Training


Photo by Justin ClemonsPhoto by Justin Clemons

It was love at first flight for Darin Sanders, who, at 10 years old, flew Southwest to visit his relatives. He was captivated by the plane and knew he wanted to work for the Company someday—and the rest is history. He started as an Intern in 1995 before working as a Flight Attendant and on the ground at our Dallas Headquarters. These days, Darin is a Manager at Southwest University, where he helps oversee the training program for Flight Attendants and works hard to ensure they graduate as Hospitality experts. Like many of his fellow Employees, Darin is a travel and aviation enthusiast, and one of his favorite memories is when he was selected as part of the Crew that delivered a new Boeing aircraft from Seattle to Dallas. We’re lucky to have you, Darin, and we’re so glad you took that first flight!


Sarah Mattina, Communications & Outreach


Speak Up “I’ve always had opinions, but when I was younger, I struggled to have a voice. Leaders here have helped me recognize my value in sharing my opinion and being direct.”


Job Perks “We get to see People start without knowing anything about airlines or airplanes, and in four weeks, they’ve graduated and are competent, confident Flight Attendants.”


California’s Calling “Once a year, I take what I call a ‘plane spotting’ trip to LAX. I’ll rent a car, drive around the airport, and go to the beach where the planes take off overhead.”

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