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Meet Our October A-Lister: Denise Kenyon Waye, Critical Care Nurse; President, AirCARE1



Denise Kenyon Waye may have founded her own company, but she thinks of herself as a nurse first, and company president second. As a longtime critical care nurse, mother of five, and amateur pilot, Denise is no stranger to juggling multiple roles. When she started her air ambulance service in 2004 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she was operating with one leased aircraft, three employees, and the belief that she could improve the industry she had worked in for years. As her company grew, so did Denise’s role—and her travel needs. When she needs to fly across the country to meet a client or attend a conference, Denise relies on Southwest® to get there. Thank you, Denise, for your loyalty to Southwest and to your job!


Cheers to 20 Years “I’ve been a Rapid Rewards® member since 1999. I earn a lot of points when I fly for business, which I then use to travel with my husband to visit family.”


New Places “Since Southwest has expanded service, I’ve traveled to Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Hawaii. Next, I want to visit Costa Rica.”


Common Ground “Pushing the envelope in order to provide the best care in the air—that’s something Southwest and my company have in common.”