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Meet Sheldon, Our Newest Employee!

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What if we told you one of our employees was green, cold-blooded, and a little slower than the rest? Sheldon’s journey to Southwest isn’t your typical hiring story. Instead of being interviewed, Sheldon was adopted into our Family. It began when one of our younger Customers arrived at the airport with her new pet turtle in tow. Unfortunately, due to airport policy, her reptilian friend was unable to join her on her journey. That’s where one of our RSW Ops Agents stepped in and promised to give the little guy a good home. Before she departed on her flight, she insisted that his name be Sheldon. These days, Sheldon spends his days keeping our RSW Employees company in the office. While he may not be the first choice for a speedy coffee run, he has stolen the hearts of our Employees. Check out our video for an inside look at Sheldon’s Southwest story.