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Meet our June A-Lister: Cassie Dispenza, Senior Director of Marketing & Partnerships, Saffire

Adventurer B

“If your goal feels unattainable, complete small tasks every day that move you toward the big objective.” —Cassie Dispenza, Senior Director of Marketing & Partnerships, Saffire


Photo by Jessica AttiePhoto by Jessica AttieWhen it comes to business travel, this ain’t Cassie Dispenza’s first rodeo. Cassie works as the senior director of marketing and partnerships at Saffire, a software company that provides integrated websites and ticketing systems to events and venues. While serving Saffire’s wide-ranging client base, she has visited more than 70 festivals, stock shows, and county fairs across the U.S. With a job that entails setting up booths at 20 trade shows a year, Cassie can’t always pack light. Thanks to the bags fly free® policy at Southwest®, she’s able to bring everything she needs for work—and save money. Cassie’s frequent work travel also allows her to earn Rapid Rewards® points, which she uses to take vacations with her husband. We love seeing you onboard, Cassie!


—Adam Rucker, Technology


Hometown Hangouts “My favorite things about Austin are the live music, the delicious tacos, and the outdoor lifestyle, which is ideal for going on long walks with my dog.”


Lone Star State of Mind “With Southwest, I always feel at home when I travel because the Employees greet you with a Texas-sized hello.”


Birthday Surprise “While I was traveling during my birthday month last year, Southwest paged me at the airport to tell me they were adding 1,000 free points to my Rapid Rewards account.”