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Meet our June A-Lister: Jess Gartner, Founder, Allovue

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“In life there will be highs and lows. The secret is to stay balanced through it all.”

Jess Gartner, Founder, Allovue


Photo by Cade MartinPhoto by Cade Martin

As a middle school teacher in Baltimore, Jess Gartner saw how budgeting can impact students’ educational growth. This fueled her desire to provide equal opportunities for every student, and led to her founding Allovue, an education finance startup. As CEO, Jess is working to change how the education sector measures its bottom line by connecting budgets and spending to student success. Since Allovue works with districts in 19 states, Jess is always on the go, so Southwest’s no change fees earn an A-plus in her book. Thanks, Jess, for bringing your expertise from the classroom to the boardroom. We’re honored to fly you everywhere in between.


—Linnea Jordan, Customer Relations


Yes You Can “For female entrepreneurs looking to take the next step in starting your business, remember that you are qualified to take on any challenge. Don’t let fear hold you back.”


Early Bird “When traveling for business, I try to fly out early and use my weekends to explore the area.”


Charm City “Next time you’re in Baltimore, check out Clavel, a family-run mezcaleria and tacqueria, for their incredible tacos and queso fundido.”