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Meet our June Star: Moses Noriega


“If you treat others with kindness, you’re going to get it back.”

                                                                      —Moses Noriega, Customer Service Agent


 Before he worked at Southwest Airlines, Moses Noriega was an aviation enthusiast with a passion for traveling. It’s been six years since Moses started at Southwest, and he has loved every second. A Customer Service Agent in Las Vegas, he embodies the Southwest Spirit by ensuring Customers get to their destinations with free bags. (He always does it with a smile, which are free, too.) Whether it’s serving on the Diversity Council or volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, Moses never turns down a chance to share his Servant’s Heart. To him, Southwest is more than just a job—it’s a lifestyle. Thank you, Moses, for helping us connect People to what’s most important in their lives. —Kyndall Hinton


Sneak Peek “I flew Southwest before I worked here, and when I used to check in, the Employees made me feel like I was one of their best friends. It made me want to work for a Company that is going to reward their Employees for what they do.”


Work Perks “Because of Southwest, I met singer Ana Bárbara, who has won a Latin Grammy Award. She’s now a great friend and mentor and has taken me on tour.”


Smooth Moves “I love dancing. I try to take a class twice a week here at a hip-hop school in Vegas.” 



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New Arrival

Congratulations Moses and I agree with his view on treating people with kindness you will get it back.   I have worked the last 16 years in the medical field in surgery and even in those situations where our patients aren't well and they have anxiety,  a touch,  a smile,  a word of encouragement goes a long way.   I grew up in the airline industry as my father retired from Delta.   All my life I wanted to become a Flight Attendant but my choice to have a family early on prevented that.   When I started flying Southwest many years ago I absolutely loved the airline.   Their employees were so friendly and had a great sense of humor.   I loved it!   Professional yet they still make it fun for themselves and their customers.   I would LOVE TO BE A FLIGHT ATTENDANT FOR SOUTHWEST!