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Meet our November Star: Chad Vander Kooi

Adventurer C

“Everyone has the ability to love others more. If we think we are loving enough, we’re failing.” —Chad Vander Kooi, Captain


Photo by Ashlee DuncanPhoto by Ashlee DuncanWhen Captain Chad Vander Kooi joined Southwest Airlines in 2005, his love for serving others helped him fit in with the Culture from the start. If you’re lucky enough to be on one of Chad’s flights, you’ll likely notice him shaking hands with Passengers, taking wheelchairs down the ramp, hugging Employees, and helping Flight Attendants clean the plane. Chad also enjoys showing kids the buttons, lights, and switches in the cockpit, especially if they’re unaccompanied minors having a tough time traveling alone. Chad, thank you for everything you do to make both Southwest and the world a happier place.


—Steph Logue, Communication and Outreach


Team Up “Southwest is like an aircraft. Every Employee plays an integral role in making our Company fly.”


Pass the Test “As Pilots, we go to Dallas each year for three days of training and testing. I appreciate it because I know it’s keeping us prepared for any circumstance we may face.”


Pie Five “I grew up in Lynden, Washington. Stop by Dutch Mothers restaurant and ask for my aunts, Jane and Marilyn. Their pies are awesome!”


Family Matters “I had the privilege of flying my wife and three kids. I was humbled and proud to show them a little bit of what I do.”