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Meet our September Star: Susan Disch

Explorer C

“This job is constantly changing. You have to learn to be flexible and adapt.”

—Susan Disch, Customer Representative, Customer Support & Services



When Susan Disch walked into a Southwest Airlines job fair in Phoenix in 1994, she was wearing a suit and nylons despite the July heat. Meanwhile, in true Southwest fashion, Employees were wearing shorts and passing around beach balls. That was when Susan knew she had found a lasting home, and this month, she’s celebrating her 23rd anniversary as a Southwest Employee. Susan possesses a true Servant’s Heart and always goes above and beyond to help others as a Customer Representative. Outside of work, she volunteers for the Arizona Rangers, a local law enforcement support and assist program. Thanks for your hard work, Susan. We’re glad to have you on board this wild ride!


Collector’s Item “I have almost all of the Southwest plane pins and a separate Christmas tree just for the Southwest ornaments.”


Game Plan “My favorite part of the job is helping Customers. You’ll get someone who’s so excited about their trip, and you’re able to make it happen.”


Beat the Heat “When you’re in Phoenix, drink lots of water—and find a neighbor’s pool to go swimming!”