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Meeting Leon Logothetis—I’m Obsessed, but Not in a Weird Way


Ever since I watched the first episode of the series “The Kindness Diaries,” I became obsessed with Leon Logothetis, who is featured in the show as he travels all over the world seeking random acts of kindness. I binge-watched both seasons. Each episode tugged at my heartstrings, made me laugh, made me cry, and made me think about how I would react if a random stranger asked me to fill up their gas tank or asked if they could sleep in my house. 

Kindness Day-4.jpgSo when Leon was invited to speak to Employees for World Kindness Day earlier this month, I was giddy at the chance to see him in person, and maybe have the chance to ask a question or get my picture taken with him. I was excited about his presentation and was so inspired by what he shared with us. Here were a few takeaways I had from Leon’s presentation:


  • The kindest thing you can do is to SEE another person
  • Kindness is helping someone feel less alone
  • It’s etched into our DNAit’s part of what makes us human
  • We are all capable of speaking the international language of connection 
  • Kindness + You = Happiness
  • Unless we have a foundation of love and service, we’re not truly living 


After his presentation, it was time for Q&A. Although I probably embarrassed myself, I did tell him that I was obsessed with him and asked if there was going to be a season three for “The Kindness Diaries” (spoiler alert … there is!) 


Kindness Day-17.jpg


Now before you think that I am a complete weirdo, I am not obsessed with Leon as a personI am married to a Dallas Police Officer after all—it’s Leon’s mission that I am drawn to.  His mission has inspired me to give to others who may be faced with uncertainties in their life. His mission helped me connect on another level with the Guest Families at the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas where I volunteer. His mission has restored my faith in humanity.


Kindness Day-19.jpgKindness isn’t complicated. When we demonstrate kind acts for our friends, family members, Fellow Employees, or strangers, they will remember you and what you did for them, and in that fraction of a second, you just might change not only their lives but yours too. 


And before I forget, to the Employee who was the lucky recipient of the giveaway of Leon’s book “Go Be Kind” and gave it to me, I just want to say “thank you!” As Leon wrote in my book when he signed it … “Never stop sharing your heart with the world.”