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Mei Kwok's Southwest Hawaii Travel Itinerary

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I’m Mei Kwok, an avid surfer and traveler. I recently was able to visit Hawaii for the first time in partnership with Southwest Airlines and have selected some of my favorite spots to surf, eat, and explore to share.


There are so many things to see and do in Honolulu, Oahu... Here are some of my favorites:

Mai Surfing in Hawaii.jpg

  • Surf: Waikiki Beach - Queens, Canoes, Populars, etc. Great for longboarding or if you're a beginner. Just make sure you follow the surfer’s code and don't drop in on more experienced surfers! Waikiki is where the legendary Duke Kahanamoku popularized the sport of surfing. If you want to be more adventurous, go surf Diamond Head - you'd be surfing with the beautiful Diamond Head Mountain behind you. It is so beautiful!
  • Eat: Definitely go to Duke's Waikiki! I felt like I was instantly transported to old Hawaii. Be sure to check out Bogarts for breakfast, it's a local health food restaurant.
  • Explore: Take a drive up to the North Shore, it's a beautiful drive up the coast. Go check out Pipeline and definitely get a smoothie or Acai bowl from Sunrise Shack! Or grab a Haupia pie at Ted's Bakery.


I absolutely loved Oahu, but I think left my heart in Lihue, Kauai...and here is why!

Mai Surfing.jpeg

  • Surf: Hanalei Bay - either surf the point, bowls, pine trees, or middles. Be very respectful to the locals at this beautiful surf spot. Maybe you'll be able to meet Laird Hamilton too! (I definitely had to hide my excitement about talking to him in the water!)
  • Eat: So many great restaurants in Hanalei town. I loved Hanalei Bread Factory for coffee & breakfast. Yum!
  • Explore: A MUST DO is to go on the Kalalau hike up the Napoli Coast. You can either do the two-mile hike up and back (which was enough for me, I'm not a huge hiker) - the most gorgeous view of Kauai's lush coastline. Or you can go all the way up and back which is a total of 22 miles. Also, just take a drive around the island - it's a very small island so you can cover the whole island within a day. 


For more travel inspiration, you can follow me on Instagram @iamamayzing. Don’t forget to read Destination: Hawaii | Travel Guide for Paradise of the Pacific for more travel insights on visiting Hawaii.


*Mei Kwok is a Southwest Storyteller whose trip was paid for by Southwest Airlines.