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Merry Birthday?

Adventurer C
The Holiday Season has always been a special time of year for me; it's the time of year when I celebrate Christmas and my birthday.I was born the day after Christmas, and every time I'm with my parents during this time, my father brings up the subject of my birthday.  You see, he claims that I was born on Christmas Day; he says he remembers seeing and holding me on Christmas day; and if you hear his story, it sounds pretty convincing that there is a chance that I may be a Christmas baby. x-mas-birthday.bmp However my mother is quick to chime in and correct him by saying it was after midnight, early on the 26th when she gave birth to her bundle joy. She also points out that, at the time, my father was enjoying some "Christmas Spirits," (if you know what I mean) . He doesn't drink anymore, but he does agree that, that might have had something to do with his confusion about the time. My birth certificate says I was born on December 26th; my father says December 25th; and my mother will continue to correct him as the loving debate continues. Happy Holidays.