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Message from a Leprechaun

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To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, three Leprechauns are roaming the Southwest system.  Here is a message from one of them:

Happy St Patrick ’s Day. Today I am traveling on Southwest Airlines to visit my mother. My father was a Leprechaun, like me, but my mother was in the WNBA. My mother is 7 feet tall and my father measures 2 feet, which leaves me almost in the middle at 5’10.  My parents met when my mother was in Ireland playing a basketball tournament and her shoes were lost with the rest of her luggage…she wasn’t flying Southwest obviously. She was sad, and started crying on an old hollowed out tree stump. Little did she know, that was my father’s home. He quickly popped out, measured her feet, and made her the finest basketball shoes ever made. Michael Jordan pleaded with my father to make him a pair, but he said she was the only one he wanted to cobble for, for the rest of his life; or at least the rest of hers, since the average lifespan of a Leprechaun is 200 years. As for me, I am just ready to be home, which is oddly enough not in Ireland anymore. My parents moved here to follow my mother’s career. So if you see me traveling today it could be worth your while. Until then, Sláinte!!

Clint (R) and fellow Leprechaun Jason Penland (L) below:


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I love it!! But I am flying Southwest tomorrow!! I think we should have a St Patrick's Day month with the Leprechauns!!!
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I'm sitting on a Southwest flight right now. We could use a little luck of the Irish...2 luggage vehicles crashed into each other behind our plane at the gate! We're stuck until they clean it up and figure out where the luggage goes. No Leprechauns here.