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Meteorology Monday: April 2 - April 8

Explorer A

As we move into April, there’s definitely a spring-like feel to the weather pattern, as there will be plenty of thunderstorms around this week, especially in the central & southern Plains, Midwest, and the Southeast.  We’re also in that time of year when some of the storms will likely be severe, with potential for large hail and damaging winds. 

There’s also some actual winter-like weather expected in the west, as there will be a good chance of some light snow at DEN to start the week and some snow showers later in the week at RNO and SLC.  Meanwhile, there are a couple rounds of windy and cool weather for the Northeast, but no significant precipitation expected there.

Here are this week’s weather highlights:

  • Scattered strong to severe thunderstorms, with the potential for hail and damaging winds, are likely from the Plains down into Texas Monday evening into Tuesday.  This will potentially include MCI, OMA, ICT, OKC, TUL, DAL, AUS, and SAT.
  • A much cooler to start the week in DEN, with gusty northerly winds, and some snow possible overnight Monday into Tuesday.  There could even be some light accumulation.
  • From Monday through Wednesday in the Midwest, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, and parts of the Southeast, scattered showers and thunderstorms will be around at times.  For the most part, the storms in these areas are not expected to be severe.  Both MDW and ATL will likely see impacts at some point during this timeframe.
  • Very windy on Monday and again on Wednesday across the Northeast, as a couple of cold fronts keep it cool in this region.  Northerly winds gusting well into the 30s (knots) will be likely for stations from New England down to the DC area, along with somewhat cooler high temperatures mostly in the 50s to low 60s.
This information is not intended for dispatching purposes.