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Meteorology Monday: April 29 - May 6

Explorer A

As we move into May this week, things will be fairly active across much of the country, with plenty of showers and thunderstorms in the Midwest, Plains, Great Lakes, and Northeast. 

South Florida also will remain uncharacteristically wet the first half of the week, while from much of the Southeast, into Texas, and west to the Southwest & California, it will be very warm and mostly dry. 

Compared with last week when cool to cold temperatures were the rule across the northern half of the country, it will be above normal in most locations this week, with temperatures more like early June in many cases.

Here are this week’s weather highlights:

  • Showers and some thunderstorms across the Northeast on Tuesday, and they will stick around for a few days.  Occasional rounds of showers and storms are likely through about Thursday or even Friday from NYC down toward the BWI-DC area (LGA, EWR, PHL, BWI, IAD, DCA, ISP, HPN, ABE, and MDT).
  • For the upper Midwest into the Great Lakes, it looks rather mild, but also quite active the entire week, with frequent periods of showers and thunderstorms, some of which could be severe.  This will include locations such as MDW, MKE, MSP, DSM, IND, DAY, CLE, DTW, and PIT.
  • Also quite wet in south Florida, as a persistent onshore flow has already brought some heavy rain to the area this past weekend, and that will continue through about mid week (FLL, PBI, MIA, and EYW).
  • Very nice weather for much of the Southeast back into Texas and into the Southwest, with above-average temperatures all week, and only some isolated afternoon or evening thunderstorms possible, and most places won’t see much precipitation at all for the week.  This includes places such as ATL, DAL, HOU, AUS, ABQ, LAS, and PHX.

This information is not intended for dispatching purposes.