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Meteorology Monday: August 6 - August 12

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This week we will see a little bit of a break in the extremely hot weather much of the nation has experienced the last few weeks, with things more typical, which will still be quite warm as we move through August. 

There will also, of course, be thunderstorms mixed in, and in some places hopefully they will bring some much needed rainfall.  Also for the first time in a while we have activity in the tropics, as both Ernesto and Florence are moving about in the Caribbean and Atlantic, respectfully.  Further information on these tropical systems is included below.

Here are this week’s weather highlights:

  • In the Midwest and Great Lakes, a great start to the week with mostly sunny conditions, pleasant summer temperatures, and dry conditions.  By mid-late week, a front will move into these areas, bringing with it the return of scattered thunderstorms (MDW, MKE, MSP, MCI, IND, SDF, DTW, CLE, CMH, DAY, CAK, FNT, GRR, PIT, and BUF).
  • A wet week ahead for much of the Southeast and Florida, with scattered to numerous showers and storms the first couple days of the week.  Later in the week, a chance for daily scattered showers and thunderstorms will continue (MCO, TPA, RSW, PBI, PNS, ECP, JAX, FLL, MSY, ATL, BHM, BNA, GSP, CHS, CLT, and RDU).
  • For the Northeast down into the Mid-Atlantic, there will be a couple of great days early-mid week, with cooler temperatures mostly in the 80s, and mostly dry conditions.  Then by Thursday, the chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms will likely return, and that chance will last into next weekend (EWR, LGA, PHL, BWI, IAD, DCA, BOS, ISP, HPN, BDL, MHT, PVD, and ALB).
  • We’ll see somewhat of a break in the daily monsoon we have been seeing the last few weeks out west, with only isolated afternoon thunderstorms expected at LAS, PHX, and DEN through the week, and most of the time it looks mostly dry and rather hot.
  • Tropical Storm Ernesto has been moving from east to west across the Caribbean this weekend, and is currently expected to move into the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico early Wednesday as a Category 1 hurricane.  The good news is that it has not yet impacted any Air Tran stations, and is also expected to remain south of CUN, with minimal impacts expected.  Tropical Storm Florence is well out in the Atlantic, and has already weakened back down to a tropical depression.  This system will likely become a remnant tropical wave in the next day or two.

Have a fantastic week!

This information is not intended for dispatching purposes.