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MilePoint Chat: Transcript From Thursday, Oct 20 8 - 9pm CST


UPDATE: Thanks to all of you who tuned in on Thursday to ask questions about our Rapid Rewards program during the live milepoint chat.  In the event you weren’t able to join (I mean, there was a little baseball game called the World Series on), please feel free to click here for the replay.  I’ve very much enjoyed hearing from our Members, and I look forward to more dialogue in the near future!

As you all know by now, we launched our All-New Rapid Rewards program in March of this year.  No black-out dates, rewards that can be used for any available seat, and points that don’t expire are just a few of the benefits that the new program offers. 

But I know some of you may have questions about the program that you’d like to ask us. The good folks over at MilePoint have offered me the opportunity to engage in a live web chat with you this Thursday, Oct. 20, from 8 - 9pm CST.  I will be happy to answer questions that cover a range of topics about Rapid Rewards.  I’ll answer as many questions as possible in that hour. For those I don’t get to, MilePoint will give us a chance to follow up with responses post-chat.  In addition, we’ll be sure to post the chat transcript here on our Nuts About Southwest blog.

To register and submit questions, please click here. I look forward to hearing from you on the 20th!

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What you think of business that loses it morality, honesty and integrity when their CEO becomes Chairman Emeritus? Mr. Kelleher in tough times started an airline company, kept it profitable and grew market share in almost every quarter he led. He had very honest hard working attitude and not only listened to his customers but ensured that he treats them right. Changes have come to this Airline and every time I feel dejected I use other airlines and try it again because I still get good dividends. However, I am very vocal and do not contain anything that I feel is wrong and speak out. I just travelled to celebrate Diwali to Oakland and came back and again I felt that I have to create account here and speak out, why? Because with Mr. Kelleher gone, I think the spirit, Luv, honesty and airlines honesty and loyalty to customers is gone. Yes, I believe in Credo that says, "We will treat our customers fair, our employees equal and always produce profit for our shareholders." How can I justify a company where its CEO and President starts making 400% from his predecessor and customer is denied his rightfully earned drink coupon that has expired but HERB KELLEHER had accepted that even after five years of expiry in the past? How will you think of this airline which does not allowed money that you spent for your kids ticket and did not use it for your own ticket and will keep your money since your son did not fly in one of its sectors for 12 months? Will you not call it pure rip-off? What will you call this airline that was about to give you a free ticket when you took next flight because you had earned enough credits and then changed rules and now you have taken a flight, gotten additional points from hotel but still cannot get that credit and it did not allow the amount that you lost for points or transfer of points even after being pointed out? Well would you not go NUTS if it is the same airline that you one time loved and will not want to think about it now? Yes, this airline is SOUTWEST AIRLINE, where Mr. Kelleher is Chairman Emeritus but helpless? And yes my old coupons were rejected for one drink, not pint and I have yet to see how to get that ticket?