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Mobile Boarding Passes Land at Southwest Airports

Explorer B

We are pleased to announce that getting through the airport just got easier and greener for Southwest Customers.  The mobile boarding pass feature is now available at all U.S. airports Southwest serves, making travel for our Customers as easy and convenient as possible.  Customers who choose this option can bypass printing a paper boarding pass at their home, office or at the airport and instead simply scan the barcode on their smartphone at airport security checkpoints and at the gate during boarding. This news comes on the heels of an update last week to our iOS and Android apps adding contextual upcoming trip information to the homepage. Customers can now quickly view the info that matters the most while traveling like flight status, boarding position, and gate information. The information updates in the app beginning 24 hours prior to a flight allowing Customers to checkin and access their mobile boarding pass from the homepage. marketing3At the end of 2013, Southwest launched Mobile Boarding Pass for single passengers traveling on nonstop and direct Southwest operated flights originating out of Austin (AUS) as part of a pilot program. In February of 2014, we rolled out the pilot program to Dallas (DAL) and Houston Hobby (HOU), which also included connecting flights through Austin, Dallas, and Houston. And beginning in May of 2014, we moved forward with the pilot program and began expanding the mobile boarding pass option throughout the Southwest network. marketing2Customers can request a mobile boarding pass at the time of check-in at, the mobile site, or using our mobile app for iPhone® or Android. They will have the option to have their mobile pass sent to their smartphone by e-mail or text message. If they are checking in through the Southwest mobile site or app, they can choose to immediately view their mobile boarding pass in a new browser window on their phone. The mobile boarding pass contains a two-dimensional barcode along with Customer and flight information that TSA security officers scan to validate the authenticity of the boarding pass at the security checkpoint. Customers can also use the mobile boarding pass at the gate to board the flight. For Customers who purchased a Business Select Fare and elect to use a mobile boarding pass, their drink coupon eligibility will be noted on the mobile boarding pass. In order to receive the complimentary premium drink during the flight, Customers will simply show the drink coupon portion of their mobile boarding pass to the flight attendant for validation. Customers can still choose to print a paper boarding pass online at during check-in or at the airport using a self-service kiosk on the day of departure, prior to their flight’s scheduled departure time. To download the app or learn how to use mobile boarding passes, visit
Explorer C
Thankful for this but... Mobile apps still need quite a bit of work... They shouldn't just be ports of the mobile website, but rather a unique experience for each platform (iOS and Android...). The iOS app specifically needs passbook... I hope y'all are working on a complete overhaul of the app. As an airline that prides itself on being the first to have a mobile app, SWA has fallen far behind the pack.
Explorer C
Except.... when you can't. No passbook support (which is amazingly simple to support) and after checking in for my flight (with 2 family members on the same reservation) I had no option to get a mobile boarding pass. I had to print at a kiosk. The flight 5 days prior where I checked in on my laptop? That one allowed me to use a mobile boarding pass. Talk about backwards. SWA continues to be behind the curve on technology, which is frustrating for efficient travelers. I love flying with you guys, but am constantly disappointed with the mobile experience.
Explorer C
Southwest's our #1 choice when traveling. Please figure out how to integrate our whole family into a unified boarding pass so we don't need to print, spouse and kids'. Please get passbook integrated ASAP. Thanks!
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I am thankful and I think this is on the right track however it's my understanding that is not yet available for all airports but only some locations at this time. Do you know when this will be available across the board? I fly out of Chicago about every 6-7 weeks?
Frequent Flyer C
Hi Jessica ... Great news! Our mobile boarding passes are now available at all our locations so you'll be able to use it the next time your fly with us.
Explorer C

Attempted to obtain mobile boarding pass on several trips. No option available on all of my attempts notwithstanding Southwest's claim that mobile boarding passes can be obtained at check in. Not so.

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The limitation to solo travelers is annoying and brushed over in the FAQs and Ads. Not only should it be pointed out there, but also on the Check-In page so customers aren't wasting time looking for something that doesn't exist. 

Explorer C

Why can't I get a mobile boarding pass after check in? The app gave me one choice: go to a kiosk to print them, the desktop offered only to print at home. Where is the mobile boarding pass touted in the SW press release of 2013? That was 4 years ago, surely that's enough time to fix whatever is wrong so the mobile pass functions like that of every other airline's.