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Mom's First Flight at age 84

New Arrival

My Mom, Esther, is such a humble soul, but she has many fears. She's also very funny and very, very giving, and non-judgemental. She loves playing bingo and loves to play the slots. She also has gotten very brave recently. She tackled trips to San Francisco and Disneyland within the last year and when she heard my sister and I were going to Las Vegas, she decided she would tackle that, too.  



I knew Southwest was the airline I wanted to fly her on. The Employees always seem so happy. We were not disappointed. My Mom was treated royally.  She was given a wonderful and creative peanut bag and pick crown while the Crew and Passengers sang her Happy Birthday.


She kept saying she was "so lucky".  We couldn't get her to sit by the window, but she did peek out and saw beautiful clouds, snow capped mountains, and Lake Tahoe. She took pictures with the Crew and will go to her grave with so many happy memories. She now wants to fly to Louisianna to see two of her sons.


Thank you, April, Cat, Jennifer, and the rest of the Crew of Flight #1120 from Sacramento to Las Vegas! We love you!