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Monster For Sale

Adventurer C

Wanna buy a Monster? No, not the big scary kind that live under beds and in closets. I'm referring to the latest product making its debut on Southwest planes this Sunday, May 4 - the Monster Lo-Carb energy drink.

For just $3 or one drink coupon, you can get your caffeine fix and be ready to hit the ground running when you get to your destination.

Why Monster? Research proved it's one the top drinks in its category - not to mention it tastes great and has a cool looking can. I plan to do further research this weekend on how it tastes mixed with vodka. I'll let you know the results of my findings.

Next time you fly with us, give Monster Lo-Carb a try. I promise you'll be energized by the experience.

Explorer C
Sweet. Now my heart can skip a beat at 35000 feet for reasons beyond just flying! 🙂
Explorer C
I love Southwest. But I also love RedBull. I'll drive before I fly anything other than SW (if your go where I'm going). And sorry guys, but I'll go to sleep on the flight before I'll buy Monster...I take my brand loyalty pretty seriously!
Explorer C
Isn't it dangerous to mix alcohol with energy drinks? Or is that just if you drink more than a few?
Explorer C
2chey: There is absolutely no scientific evidence that energy drinks mixed with alcohol have any negative health effects (beyond those already associated with alcohol). Most stories sensationalized by the media that blame heart attacks, etc on this combination are actually stories that also include people using drugs or participating on other high-risk activities.
Explorer A
ooo.. sounds good! What is it that I smell? Ohh.. it's ancillary revenue! It will also be a good option for people who earn drink coupons but don't drink.
Adventurer B
So is the Monster supposed to help be "More Productive"?
Explorer B
For $3 (or drink coupon), does one get the whole can? Or just a standard cup of Monster? If I wanted Monster/vodka mixed drink, will that be $6 (2 coupons)?
Explorer C
Southwest should work on getting Vitamin Water on their flights. They are so delish and have a wide variety of flavors 🙂
Explorer C
southwest no longer takes drink coupons for red bull. they work only for alcohol.
Aviator C
Anonymous 18:07, well we have never offered Red Bull, so nothing has changed there. However, the drink coupons are not available for use with Monster drinks at the current time.