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Adventurer B

Today at the Walt Disney World Resort Showcase, it was all about what we "can do" to make the world a better place.  Disney hosted a "Can Do" volunteer event where the centerpiece was more than 40 tons of food, which will become more than 70,000 meals for the needy, but first it was sculpted into Disney characters--I know, right?  Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Donald, and Pluto were sculpted from cans of food, including sliced pineapple, tuna, and pans of popcorn. 


My colleague, Michelle, and I were happy to be part of Disney's volunteer day as all this spectacular canned food sculpture was dismantled and loaded into boxes. 


It wasn't just about cans--families could volunteer to put together comfort pics for Haiti and to plant trees. 




Even Disney's Next Big Thing, the band All Star Weekend, was there to go green. 

After doing good for the afternoon, Disney threw a volunteer thank you party where Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato made a surprise appearance and debuted the new song from Disney's upcoming attraction, Oceans. 
I really saw the synergy between our two companies today.  It is so important to the Employees of Southwest to give back and make a difference - we Share the Spirit in a lot of different ways, and we know that our Customers do, too.  You may remember our recent Facebook post  about our Spirit of Giving promotion.  We can't wait to read about the person you know that gives back each day.  The entries are pouring in, but you have until February 19 to write an essay about a very special person that demonstrates the Spirit of Giving.
I've enjoyed my time at Disney, and while the time was full, I was able to ride Soarin' at Epcott.  If you go, don't miss this amazing ride over the State of California--you can literally feel the wind in your face.

For a link to video of the Disney World Volunteer Celebration, click here.

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