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More on Competition (and a Pink Flamingo)

In his recent blog about the Employee Survey, Jeff Lamb talked about the competition between the People & Leadership Development/Purchasing Departments and Finance.  This is a perfect example of our Culture of having fun while working hard .  While we don't take ourselves too seriously, the survey and its results are serious business because it’s important for us to hear our Employees’ opinions.  We believe that making something important also fun is key to keeping our Culture alive.
Now, more about the challenge.  Yes, you might call us Finance folks a bunch of accounting nerds, but we also LUV to have fun!  After our sneak attack on Mr. Lamb’s office, we  were ready for their retaliation.  However, they so carefully and patiently planned their counter attack that we had begun to relax.  When we came into work one morning, we found that they had “kicked it up a notch.”  They covered our department with horrible photos involving hotdog suits, and, through their clever handiwork, we also noticed a theme that Jeff confirmed in his blog . . . stealing.  As revenge, they kidnapped, or should I say birdnapped, one of the most valuable assets in our department . . . our beloved Pink Flamingo.  Why do we have a pink flamingo you might ask?  It may be a testament to our Fun-LUVING attitude or to our general nerdiness, but the Pink Flamingo is affectionately awarded each quarter to a Finance Teammember who has done something dumb, embarrassing, or silly.  Take heart, Pink Flamingo is now back safe and sound at home with its LUVing Finance family.  Thanks to the People & Leadership Development/Purchasing Departments for not only sharing their creativity and fun with us, but also helping us to truly appreciate Pink Flamingo.