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More "Wanna Get Away" Moments

Adventurer B
Our new commercials showing "Wanna Get Away" moments  make me laugh aloud.  When my Flight Attendant friend told me a true story while we were sitting on the jumpseat recently, I knew it was too good not to share! At the time the story took place, the female Flight Attendant uniform included a wrap-around skirt with two fasteners.  My friend (we'll call her Marva for the sake of this story) had to go to the bathroom.  Because of the unique design of the skirt, she was in the habit of taking her skirt off completely and hanging it on the coat hook on the back of the lavatory door.  This made the task at hand a bit easier since, at the time, we were still required to wear panty hose.  Her panty hose were adjusted, and she was getting ready to reach for her skirt when she heard a compartment door fall open behind her.  Turning around she bent forward to close the compartment when--can you guess?--a male Customer pulls the lavatory door open, and I mean WIDE open.  Marva screamed...he screamed...then he slammed the door shut.  Predicament over--right?  Wrong!  Looking up at the coat hook she is horrified to see her skirt is NOT THERE!  It had fallen off when the door was opened wide, and she realized it is now on the wrong side of the door.  Sticking her arm out the door she hissed, "Give me my skirt!" With regained dignity, Marva opened the door.  She and the male Customer passed with neither acknowledging the awkward situation that had just occurred. Please share any of your "Wanna get away" moments.