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Southwest Airlines Community

More than a Company—We're a Family

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From the cockpit of a Boeing 737 to our Governmental Affairs office in Washington, D.C., Southwest Airlines Employees work in all kinds of places.  While each workspace is different, they all share one thing in common: our incredible Employees, who are the heart and soul of Southwest. Though we are spread across the country, we’re united through our Warrior Spirits, FUN-LUVing Attitudes, and Servants’ Hearts.  After working here for nearly 15 years, I’m always touched by the level of compassion and camaraderie we share. Southwest is more than a Company—we’re a Family.  One way we demonstrate that bond is through the Southwest Airlines Employees Catastrophic Assistance Charity (SWAECAC).  The charitable fund began with a simple mission: to help Employees going through severe financial hardships brought on by catastrophic events. What makes the charity truly special is that our Employees themselves are the source of the funding.  Every Southwest Employee has the option to donate anywhere from $1 to $50 from each paycheck to help other Employees in need.  Payroll donations are the most popular way to give, but our Employees constantly surprise us with their commitment to helping each other by organizing fundraisers and events to help raise additional money.  What started as a word-of-mouth movement has grown into a charity fund that's helped more than 2,800 Employees and distributed more than $11.5 million in aid. Through my work as an Administrator for SWAECAC, I’m privileged to see the impact of our Employees’ compassion and generosity.  Whether it’s sheltering an Employee in a hotel after his/her home has burned to the ground, or helping fund a newborn’s lifesaving treatment, these donations truly make a difference in the lives of our Employees and their families—at a time when they need it most. home Every day, I'm fortunate to hear the thanks of our Employees as they express how these donations have helped lift them out of a situation that just might have been the most challenging in their lives. Southwest’s workplace is not only a place we LUV, it’s one that we are blessed to share with the People we LUV—our wonderful Coworkers.