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My Brother Met his Wife on the LUV Airline

Explorer C

Let me express to you a letter of gratitude to Southwest Airlines this holiday season. It all started on a flight from Las Vegas to Denver on June 1, 2014. My brother, Adam, was flying back from an annual bachelor party; his friends make the yearly trip to Vegas the "Pancake Breakfast."




The unsuspecting Kristina was returning to Denver from a quick vacation with her parents in Vegas. Kristina was already on board your flight when Adam boarded and asked if the seat next to her was taken. Another passenger later asked to join their row, and Adam, who is 6-foot 3-inches tall, traded his window seat for the middle, all in order to sit next to Kristina for the next hour and 50 minutes. Throughout the entire flight, Adam talked to Kristina–knowing my brother's outgoing nature, this is not surprising. They left the flight without an exchange of numbers, but a swap of an Instagram name and a promise to reconnect in a few weeks for each other's birthdays.


I’m happy to announce that three years and three months post-flight, Kristina and Adam tied the knot in Kristina’s hometown of Gardnerville, Nevada. Thanks to your open seating policy, my brother is now married to his best friend, and I was fortunate enough to gain a new best friend.



A year prior to the wedding, Kristina and Adam hosted their engagement party, which was Southwest Airlines inspired. The mother of the bride ordered special Southwest Airlines cookies, cake, and themed the party, “Love is in the Air.” My family is full of frequent Southwest Airlines Customers and Credit Cardmembers, and Adam flies enough to have a Companion Pass for Kristina. Last week, when I was flying home from Vegas, I was flipping through your magazine and decided that I should share how Southwest has impacted our family.

Happy holidays, and thank you Southwest Airlines!