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My Favorites From the Southwest Archives

Explorer C

 Sarah's last day as our summer Intern is today.  Before she gets away from us and returns to the University of Texas for her last year of graduate school, we asked her to share some of her "finds" from the summer.


As a Special Projects Intern within the Southwest’s Communications Department, I’ve spent the last ten weeks examining, organizing, and cataloging a small chunk of Southwest Airlines’ enormous body of historical materials. During my time here I’ve become very familiar with Southwest’s corporate history, and I’ve learned all sort of interesting things about the aviation industry. Here, however, I would like to share with you some of the most eye-catching images I’ve come across. At first glance, some of these left me guessing…


Why didn't my last flight look like that?

Why are these "Love Potions" for "The Very Weary?"

What is Miss Texas-USA doing here, and what is in her Love Bag?

Who is the man in the suit and why is he doing jazz hands?

How did three Flight Attendants stand next to each other in the aisle?

I didn't know we flew to the Planet of the Apes?

Why did the 70s have to end?

Who took this picture?

I guess this is as good a spot as any to sit down and do some writing…

 It looks so spacious without any seats!

Working or posing?

Once again, why did the 70s have to end? And why don’t they sell those scarves or boots at the Freedom Shop?

No comment.

Are those the same drink holders they use today?

Aww…I LUV Southwest!