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My ‘Route’ to Southwest Airlines



KS1.jpgMy name is Kevin Satterfield, and I’m a Network Planning & Performance Intern at Southwest Airlines. Our Department builds the routes and schedules to all our destinations. I work on the Dynamic Schedules Team, which adds extra flights to our usual schedule for special events like the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, or even spring break. Every Monday, I help my Team prepare a report which outlines week-over-week changes in airline schedules for our Executive Team.


Most of my internship involves working on a variety of projects. Specifically, one of my projects is creating a forecast tool that predicts growth in Passengers and revenue for a market in the future, helping my Cohearts identify better routes to build, and offering better options for our Passengers. These opportunities allow me to study and learn about a dynamic and thrilling industry that I hope to be a part of after I graduate next year. I’ve taken advantage of a Day in the Field opportunity with Fleet Transactions, where I got to learn about the Team’s specific responsibilities and role it plays in our Company.


KS2.jpgThis internship has been very rewarding. I have a profound hearing loss, which makes hearing others and, by extension, participating difficult. However, Southwest accommodated me at all stages of the interview process, provided interpreters, and continues to ensure I have all the resources to fully contribute to this wonderful Company. My Cohearts strive to make sure I’m included.


When I’m not working, I enjoy taking advantage of our amazing routes, since Southwest Interns can fly for free. I’ve journeyed to Cancun to visit the Mayan Ruins, adventured in Austin, toured the Loop in Chicago after dark, and had dinner in Houston a few times. I’m truly grateful for the experience Southwest has given me and for all the help they’ve provided. I don’t want to leave this airline!

Explorer C

I am hard of hearing, i can listener and talk in spanish👂🏽🗣🇪🇸 , i use with hearing aids . Enjoy you travel!.

Adventurer C

So happy that you've had a great internship at Southwest! I agree, they've been awesome at providing interpreters. I'm part of the #SouthwestStorytellers team and have had wonderful interpreters at every event. 

Explorer C

@TheBarefooter . good luck, are you work good in southwest storytellers. I am hard of hearing . I am spanish. God bless you.