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My Southwest Airlines Journey From Candidate, to Intern, to Campus Ambassador, and Beyond

Explorer C



During my sophomore year of college, I applied for an internship at Southwest Airlines and unfortunately did not receive an offer. The following year, I gave it another shot and applied for a few internship positions that aligned with my marketing skillset. Initially, I wasn't selected for a position; however, later additional opportunities arose and a Southwest Recruiter wanted to schedule two phone interviews with me! One interview was for an internship in the Communications and Outreach Department and the other for an internship in the Marketing Department.


During my phone interview, I realized that Southwest's Recruiters were very passionate about finding a role that best fit my career interests. At the conclusion of the phone interviews, I was invited to visit Southwest’s Headquarters in Dallas for an in-person interview for a Brand Communications position within the Marketing Department. When they chose another candidate for that role, I was invited to interview for another position on the Media Channel Strategy Team. A couple of hours after my interview, I received an official offer—there were tears of joy shed and a huge relief washed over me!


The Journey Begins as an Alabama Campus AmbassadorAllie and a group of Marketing Interns after Professional Development Day.Allie and a group of Marketing Interns after Professional Development Day.

I started my first Southwest internship in summer 2018, towards the end of my junior year. The work and the People did not compare to any of my past internships—I could not have loved it more. I loved it so much that I brought a piece of the Company back with me to Alabama as the Campus Ambassador (former Southwest Interns who serve as a resource to their school). I loved being able to share my story with other students on campus, encourage them to apply for an internship at Southwest, and walk them through the application process. I am also happy to report that in the summer 2019 Intern class, the University of Alabama was the top represented school with 13 students—roll tide!


One summer internship in the Campus Reach program just wasn’t enough, and I was so excited to return a second time this past summer as a Loyalty, Products, & Partnerships Intern. After the second internship, I knew Southwest was the best place for me. So I applied for a position within our Technology Department and I am now a Technology Specialist!


The moral of my story is that you should never give up on your dreams. While the journey of every prospective candidate is unique, a common thread runs through each story: the willingness of the candidates to be brave, to put their names in a hat, and work towards success. I am living proof that as long as you are willing to try, try, and even try again that you could find a role that best suits you and your skills. 


Interested in a Southwest Airlines Internship? While our spring and summer 2020 internships are currently closed, please fill out the Campus Reach Interest Form to be notified of upcoming opportunities.