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My Very Own 'Wanna Get Away' Moment

Adventurer C
As a blonde, I have had my share of embarrassing moments.  One of my "favorites" happened while I was working as the Finance Recruiter for Southwest Airlines.  On this particular day, I was interviewing candidates for the Supervisor of Corporate Accounting position, along with two of our Finance Managers, Vicki Evertson and Rani Bhandari.  I stepped out into the lobby to greet my next interviewee, and there was one person sitting there waiting for an interview.  "Brian?"  I asked.  He said "Yes."  Little did I know it was the wrong Brian.  I continued upstairs, where Vicki and Rani were waiting for us in a Finance conference room.  The entire time, I chatted with Brian about Southwest, the weather, and other idle chit-chat.  We walked into the conference room, and I introduced Brian to Vicki and Rani.  Unfortunately for me, I was still on a first-name-only basis with Brian.  We then began the interview.  The first questions were general ones, like: "Why are you interested in working for Southwest?"  It wasn't until I got to a specific question about Brian's resume that I felt something wasn't quite right.  "Tell me about your experience at Company X."  A puzzled look came across Brian's face, and I could feel the heat rising on mine.  Rani (catching on much more quickly than I did) then asked, "Are you Brian Carroll?"  No, Brian said, his last name was not Carroll.  And he was here to interview for a completely different job...not the Supervisor of Revenue Accounting.  Oops!  After walking this Brian back to the People Department lobby, I found Brian Carroll patiently waiting for me (he had run to the restroom when I came to pick him up the first time).  I apologized profusely to both Brians; introduced Brian #1 to the other Recruiter who was waiting to interview him; explained where he had been--and why--for the past 15 minutes; and hastily brought the "right" Brian up to the Finance conference room where Vicki and Rani were still laughing at my mistake. When I called Brian Carroll back for a second interview, he said, "Are you sure you have the right guy?"  I knew immediately that he would be a great addition to the Southwest Family.  Brian will celebrate his fifth anniversary with Southwest in April, and we absolutely love having him (and his Fun-LUVing attitude!) on the Southwest Team...and I am no longer in Recruiting!