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N680AA Final Flight Update

Aviator C

A few weeks ago in Flashback Fridays, I wrote about the upcoming final flight of N680AA.  Well it took longer than expected for that last flight to depart thanks to some issues about its return, but it finally left this morning as Flight 8700 to Greenwood, Mississippi.  Here are some pics of its last Southwest flight.  The first shot is N680AA leaving the hangar here in Dallas:

Shortly, it was taxiing past the Love Field terminal for the last time.


Without a passenger load, N680AA leapt into the air from Runway 31Left. (Note the aircraft in the background landing on Runway 31Right.)


And, N680AA flies off into retirement.

Explorer C
Here's the track of SWA8700:
Adventurer C
Thanks Brian, Nice send-off for the old girl. Let's also take a minute to thank and appreciate all the folks over at NWA. First plane ride I ever took back in about 1966. She went dark this past weekend. Another great airline passes into history and the famous red tails are no more.
Aviator C
JJG, It's always sad to see an airline disappear and I know it is a sad day for the Northwest folks. They will be missed. Although I never got to fly on them, our gates were next to Northwest's when I worked in Portland for Delta. I got to meet the agent who checked in DB Cooper. Brian
Explorer C
Good riddance. This airplane was always breaking. The pilots always said it was a bane of their existence.