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Name That Neighborhood: A Visit to the Emerald City

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Put on those thinking caps!  In “Name That Neighborhood,” we challenge you to master your geography skills and guess the SWA destination city from the clues provided.  Having trouble remembering all of the cities we service?  No problem—click here for our route map. Happy travels! When we think of this city, one of the first things that comes to mind is that classic love story-made-movie starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.  And as beautiful as this city is on the silver screen, it’s even more magnificent in person—whether you enjoy spending the day outdoors, strolling through markets, or sipping coffee, rest assured that you’ll never run out of things to do in the Emerald City!


Can you tell what chewy substance this wall is covered in?  If you’re thinking bubblegum—but finding that hard to believe—you’re actually correct!  The city’s Post Alley Gum Wall truly “sticks” out as a must-see attraction when you’re a tourist in town!


The well-known Pike Place Market in this city overlooks Elliott Bay and is home to some of the freshest seafood—and other tasty treats, flowers, and homemade gifts—you’ll find on the West Coast.  It’s easy to get lost strolling through the stores on the market’s multiple levels, but make sure you stop by the Pike Place Fish Market to see local mongers showing off their catches in their world famous fish throw!


Take a peek out our plane window from our flight into this city.  That mountain you’re seeing is Mt. Rainier, and it makes for a great photo op when you’re still high in the sky!  Close by are Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens, which you can also see if your plane is flying from the right direction (and if it’s a clear day in this very rainy city)! Think you know where to go if you want to check out this stunning city?  Comment below with your answer!
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Seattle, love it!
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As a former resident I still love the Emerald City and for years have visited friends and family there, always on Southwest. They visit me in the southwest when the weather is sunny here and grey in Seattle and always fly Southwest. I just went to book my next trip to Seattle only to find that Southwest has discontinued all non-stop flights between Albuquerque and Seattle. A 3 hour trip will now take over 7 hours and involve changing planes. I am SO BUMMED!! I love Southwest but now Alaska Airlines has put on an non-stop. Is Southwest just in effect ceding the route between Seattle and Albuquerque to Alaska??? No one is going to add 4 hours and plane changes to a trip. C'mon, Southwest!!! Give us back at least one non-stop a day! We don't want to switch!
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Hi there! Bill Owen here from Network Planning. Honestly? We share your disappointment in eliminating our Albuquerque-Seattle nonstops, as we’ve been in that market since 1999. However, the local market size was small and shrinking, and we can more effectively serve longer-haul itineraries (i.e. Seattle-Florida) via other connect points—and with a limited number of aircraft to schedule and TONS of other, frankly more promising markets (both domestic and now international!) to be in, our Department has to make tough choices. This was one of them. Of course you have other options—but if our itineraries, even if they’re not nonstop, fit your departure/arrival time needs better, you’ll always be welcome!
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Bring back the non-stop from ABQ-SEA! This is one of the best routes SWA had going for it out of ABQ. Won't fly the ridiculously long and inconvenient connecting flights. Please listen to your customers and work something out to bring the non-stop back!
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Hi Mary ... I am sorry to learn about your disappointment regarding our discontinuing our ABQ-SEA nonstop flight. I'm not even going to pretend to know why we made the decision, as such I have forwarded your comment to our Customer Relations Team and they will get back to you as soon as possible.