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National Teacher Day—Thanks to all of our Teachers!

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Twitter Status - @SouthwestAir - Sending lots of LUV to…Today we celebrate our teachers.  As a Southwest Airlines Adopt-A-Pilot, I have experienced first-hand the hard work of many teachers.  While I’m only in the classroom for a brief amount of time, it is enough to have utmost respect and appreciation for all you do. I know I can speak for all of our Adopt-A-Pilots when I say we appreciate not only what our teachers do, but also that they allow us to come into their classrooms to teach kids about aviation. Not only do I get to share my passion for aviation, but I also get to discuss careers, life values and the importance of staying in school with all students in our Adopt-A-Pilot program. On a personal note, my wife, Holly, just retired from 21 years of teaching elementary school. Watching her invest in children has given me an even deeper respect for teachers. Holly, I LUV you, respect you, and can't thank you enough for what I saw you do as a teacher! For me, Mr. Gilbreath, my physics teacher, and Herr/Mr. Kleinbeck, my German teacher, made learning fun, interesting, and challenging, and I absolutely wouldn't be where I am today without such strong teachers in my past. It is no secret that just one education achievement can transform a person’s life and ripple through a community in a positive way. I am privileged to be a small part of the Team whose primary mission is to help our next generation understand the importance of goals, values, and education in achieving their dreams. In Pilot talk, you are all "Aces"...Thanks again for all you do!