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New Ad Campaign: “Grab Your Bag. It’s On.”

Explorer C

Let’s talk about attitude. When did that word become a bad thing? As in, “He or she has an attitude.” It’s used now to describe someone who’s unfriendly, unwilling to pitch in,

incapable of giving 100%, and who refuses to find new ways to do their job better every single day.


At Southwest, we’re 180 degrees from having an attitude. And since we can’t use that word anymore, we’ve found a new way to express our SPIRIT. Two little words

that sum up how we feel every day. Those two words are:  It’s On!


You’ll see those two words in a new advertising campaign launching 6/1 that we feel is pretty timely and loaded with attitude. The good kind. The idea is that when times are

tough — like say, for example, right now — you don’t lie down and give up. You face it. And you beat it. It’s the old saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” done in a new, current way.


To our Customers, we’re saying, “Grab Your Bag. It’s On.” So far the phrase has proven to be infectious. While the TV commercials were being shot, Employees had a lot of fun with the line. We’ve even got footage of our CEO Gary Kelly saying, “It’s on-a-long-a-ding-dong.” By the way, Gary, if you’re reading this, that footage is available for a price. Call me 😉


To view one of the new commercials, click HERE.