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New Ad Campaign: “Grab Your Bag. It’s On.”

Explorer C

Let’s talk about attitude. When did that word become a bad thing? As in, “He or she has an attitude.” It’s used now to describe someone who’s unfriendly, unwilling to pitch in,

incapable of giving 100%, and who refuses to find new ways to do their job better every single day.


At Southwest, we’re 180 degrees from having an attitude. And since we can’t use that word anymore, we’ve found a new way to express our SPIRIT. Two little words

that sum up how we feel every day. Those two words are:  It’s On!


You’ll see those two words in a new advertising campaign launching 6/1 that we feel is pretty timely and loaded with attitude. The good kind. The idea is that when times are

tough — like say, for example, right now — you don’t lie down and give up. You face it. And you beat it. It’s the old saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” done in a new, current way.


To our Customers, we’re saying, “Grab Your Bag. It’s On.” So far the phrase has proven to be infectious. While the TV commercials were being shot, Employees had a lot of fun with the line. We’ve even got footage of our CEO Gary Kelly saying, “It’s on-a-long-a-ding-dong.” By the way, Gary, if you’re reading this, that footage is available for a price. Call me 😉


To view one of the new commercials, click HERE. 

Explorer A
I saw both commercials on TV already! I love them! 🙂 It is a great new ad campaign and I like it a lot! 🙂 "Either think and act big and grow smaller, or think and act small and grow bigger."-Herb Kelleher
Explorer C
Oh it's ON!!!! I thought it had to do with WiFi. :(
Explorer C
You get it as no one else does....IT IS ON!!!
Explorer A
How about posting the other TV and radio spots? They make for good E-Mail forwards to encourage others to travel.
Explorer C
SW Airlines has attitude alright--a positve attitude. Saw the ad for the first time last night--LOVED IT! Don't fly often, but will be boarding SW tomorrow for a trip to Disney World. I know I am in good hands!
Explorer C
I love to fly Southwest and, baby, it has always been on! Oh it's on! has been the feeling I have always felt. Southwest is the best and being a manager I know that comes from the top down!
Explorer C
I am a RR member but sorry, It's On is off the mark. The new campaign insinutates to us business travellers that getting our business going again is a matter of being aggreesive and in your face and being a type A salesman, business person, consultant etc. Not true in the least. In fact in this economic turmoil if you come accross with that over the top attitude you will hurt yourself and any business dealing. When companies are laying off, and losing money and working to keep their doors open, the last thing they want is a vendor showing up with some Tony Robbins dog and pony show. Not now. Better slogan might be..It's time....time to visit with that customer, prospect etc and tell them that you feel there pain and are here to be a true partner in their turn around. SWA would benefit much more with that tactic.
Explorer C
I think Anonymous 6/9/09 is wrong. I LOVE LUV LUV Southwest's newest ad campaign and LOVE LUV LUV the baggage handler commercials waving goodbye to the bags. Not only do they NOT CHARGE for the bags, but they LOVE LUV LUV our bags, meaning they won't be lost or mishandled, which is a big deal in any economy. It's on is an upbeat message. You don't have to leave your bag at home. You don't have to pay high fees to bring your luggage. Southwest is taking a stand, again, and saying to the other airlines, it is on!! We love it. I get excited everytime I see a Southwest commercial. Since their newest campaign I started investing in the company and my stock is up nicely! I am planning several trips with Southwest in the coming year!! My bags will fly free, why not!?!?! THANK YOU FOR THE BEST COMMERCIAL OF THE YEAR, LUV IT!
Explorer C
I have to be honest -- this 'catch-phrase' sounds like it's referring to male genitalia. I find this more than mildly provocative and it could be considered outright offensive to some. How is it that this passed testing?
Explorer C
Will there be a "grab your bag, it's on" tshirt? I love this slogan!
Explorer C
We love the line, but miss the original commerical with the baggage handler driving the baggage truck. His bemused smile, and the way he said "Grab your bag, it's on," just made the commerical and is what really caused the line to become so infectious here in Chicago. We haven't seen him since that first commercial and would really like to get that one back - or have a follow up with the original guy. Never thought we would miss a commercial spokesperson, but we do.