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New Beverages Onboard a Flight Near You


If your fall travel checklist includes treating yourself to a refreshing drink* on your next flight, then you’re in luck! Southwest Airlines has expanded our alcoholic beverage lineup by adding six new drinks to our menu:


  • High Noon Hard Seltzer – Pineapple ($7): Made with real vodka, real pineapple juice, and sparkling water. Only 100 calories, no sugar added, and gluten free.
  • Stone Cellars California Rosé Wine ($6): Combines aromas of watermelon, berry fruits, and slight minerality. Coupled with a very dry palate, the minerality leads to a crisp finish.
  • Dogfish Head Strawberry Vodka Lemonade Ready-to-Drink Cocktail ($7): Scratch-made cocktail features vodka distilled with honeyberries, macerated with strawberries, and blended with a house-made lemonade.
  • Kula Toasted Coconut Rum ($7) Hawaii only: Coconut aroma and flavor is complemented by background notes of vanilla and dark brown sugar, then gives way to the flavor of toasted fresh coconut flakes.
  • Kona Big Wave Golden Ale ($7) Hawaii only: A lighter-bodied golden ale with a tropical hop aroma and flavor.


Updated Drink Menu.jpg


In addition, we plan to resume our seasonal beer rotation throughout the year. Also onboard today is Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest ($7), a traditional Märzen-style beer has a toasted malt flavor and subtle, spicy hop notes.


These beverage offerings join our current lineup of Miller Lite ($6), Blue Moon ($7), Lagunitas IPA ($7), Cruset Brut Sparkling Wine ($6), Mossel Bay Chenin Blanc Chardonnay ($6), Carmenet Cabernet Sauvignon ($6), Deep Eddy Vodka ($7), Deep Eddy Lime Vodka ($7), Jack Daniels Whiskey ($7), Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey ($7), Bacardi Rum ($7), and Cazadores Tequila ($7). Customers can purchase an alcoholic beverage with a credit card or valid Southwest Airlines coupon**.


Customers can also order from the following list of non-alcoholic beverages: Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Dr Pepper, 7 Up, water, tonic water, ginger ale, seltzer water, orange juice, apple juice, cranberry cocktail juice, coffee, hot tea, and hot cocoa.

Offering Legendary Customer Service and warm Hospitality is at the core of Southwest Airlines, and we’re proud to deepen our commitment to enhancing your experience of traveling with us. Cheers!


* Must be 21 or older to consume alcoholic beverages.


**Southwest Airlines will accept all drink coupons with a 2020 or 2021 expiration date through Dec. 31, 2022. Thank you for having your coupon ready to show or give to a Flight Attendant when ordering a premium beverage.