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You’ve heard the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” well whoever said that makes a good point: it takes time and patience to build something significant.  In the past two years, we’ve made several significant changes to, such as redesigning our Air Booking functionality, a new home page, site navigation, and introducing Travel Guide, our online travel community.  Today, we are launching a new compilation of enhancements to that you, our Customers, are sure to love….mainly because most of them were requested by you.   In efforts to maintain the best shopping experience for you, these new enhancements will be introduced slowly and you may not see all of these functions today.  

A few of the highlights include:

  • Improved car & hotel booking paths, including new features such as hotel maps and advanced filtering

  • New shopping cart functionality, which allows you to purchase Air + Hotel + Car if you choose, all at one time

  • New tool allowing you to easily access your flight information:  Lookup by Confirmation Number or Credit Card

  • New, easy way to lookup your Rapid Rewards/Account Number

  • Improved access to information (searchable FAQs, improved site search, more organized content, and more)

Don’t let the name fool you.   Just because we are Southwest Airlines, doesn’t mean that our mission to build a full-service travel solution for you is based solely on our low fares and Bags Fly Free®*.   We have suite deals on over 40,000 hotels, and deals that drive savings on  car rentals, all with our one-stop-shop on   Plus, if you are a Rapid Rewards Member, you can earn credit towards a free flight by selecting one of our many car and hotel Partners. 

To celebrate, we are extending awesome deals - like up to 50% off hotel stays in our top cities and up to 5X Rapid Reward credits with our car Partners.   You may be thinking to yourself…”But I can go anywhere online for travel deals like these…”  Not so fast!  Remember, if you want to fly on one of our beautiful birds, is the only site where you’ll find our low fares and Legendary Customer Service.  So if our fares are nowhere else online and we’ll guarantee low rates on cars and exclusive rates on hotels, why would you go anywhere else?  Our award-winning web site accounts for more than 80 percent of all Southwest Airlines bookings so take a look around the store and see what you think.   You know that other saying, “When in Rome....”

*First and second checked bags. Baggage weight and size limits apply.


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Kristen Francis: Thank you for your blog post "NEW FEATURES FOR SOUTHWEST.COM" from National Beverly Hills Day 9/02/10. I have used for many years, and have a suggestion to improve the website. Bear with me as I might be long winded here, but eventually you will be like, "I get it" once I have the time here to explain myself. OK. What I have noticed in the booking process is the for example, you can travel "FROM" Burbank "TO" Oakland and then perhaps "RETURN" into Los Angeles. What I woul like to see is the ability for Southwest Passengers to travel, let's say, "FROM" Burbank "TO" Oakland and then "BACK FROM" San Jose "TO" Burbank. The above example perhaps assumes that the traveler left a personal vehicle parked in the daily or the weekly lot in Burbank, but takes into account that ability for the traveler to perhaps be all over the Bay Area where they need to fly "TO" one Bay Area Airport, and "BACK FROM" another Bay Area Airport because of their personal schedule. At this time, a traveler could certainly do it that way, but would have to go through the complicated process of making two one-way reservations. That should not need to happen!! A traveler, in the example above, should, no pun intended, "have the freedom" to "go, see, and do" some pretty basic things on the Southwest Website. This is one, which I see, for now at least, that is not possible to do as a so-called co-airport roundtrip, but in the meantime can only be done exclusively as a one-way. Would you, and the web support team, be available to take this suggestion into the hopper and possible make this change availavle by or before January 1st? Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Mike Barnbaum, Rapid Rewards Member in Sacramento, California
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Hi Mike, This is a great suggestion, so thanks for sharing your feedback here. I totally "get" what you're saying. 🙂 I've shared your thoughts with our Online Team. In the meantime, (and you probably already know this) you can always give us a call at 1-800-IFLYSWA, and one of our Agents can help set up a reservation like this under one confirmation number. Hope that helps, and we appreciate you! :) - Laurel
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Love the updates that you did!!! It is very nice to have your hotel confirmation and your car confirmation email to you. In the past the car rental never would have been email. Unfortunately I had never tried the hotel part of your site but I did for the first time today. Thank you for being such a great company and listening to your "peeps". Andy H. Louisville, KY Rapids Rewards/A-List Member
New Arrival
Thanks And! We love our "peeps" and I'm thrilled you are happy with the enhancements.
New Arrival

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