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New Rapid Rewards Drink Coupon


In the coming weeks, Rapid Rewards will begin distributing a redesigned drink coupon with a fresh new look and more efficient delivery format. Members who are opted-in to receive drink coupons will continue to receive four coupons when an Award is earned.  A few of the changes Members will notice include:

•           Expiration Date – Drink coupons expire one year from the last day of the month in which the coupons are issued.  For example, if coupons are issued in October 2010, the expiration will be October 31, 2011.
•           Member Name – Printed on each coupon; abbreviated to first initial, last name
•           Member Number – Printed on each coupon; abbreviated to the last four digits
•           Design and Delivery Format – New drink coupons are not distributed in a staple-bound booklet.  The new coupons are attached to Award notification letters. Individual coupons are perforated for easy removal.

As mentioned last month, we’re continuing to honor all old Rapid Rewards drink coupons (even those with printed expiration dates) for another year.  All old drink coupons issued prior to the August 2010 transition will expire August 31, 2011.

Explorer C
How can you impose retroactively a deadline when coupons were issued with no deadline?
Explorer C
I love your way of showing us how the planes have changed. I also like the family part with the people who are ill and how you give the family such a super time ----and at the end the ill person can tell his-her views on how they feel and would like other people to feel. This part is great. It was nice having a story with a happy ending and being able to put yourself in their shoes. Thank You Southwest,
Explorer B
Any plans on bringing back a non-alcoholic drink to use the coupons for? (Loved the Monster)
Explorer C
Use your drink coupons to treat your "friends" sitting next to you. Better than letting them expire.
Explorer C
I wish coupons were good for Monster drinks still.
Explorer C
First you take away the Monster drinks now you date existing coupons, what is next are you going to charge for BAGS!
Explorer C
Southwest was always thoughtful in accepting drink coupons that had expired. On the same token, it does not seem fair to impose an expiration date on coupons that have no expiration. However, since Southwest wants to eradicate these coupons, a date of December 2011 seems a little more fair.
Explorer C
Come on, Southwest! Is this expiration date on drink coupons really necessary? SWA has always been a fun airline to fly in addition to the free bags policy, but recently you have started to act like the other airlines in coming up with small, but highly irritating, restrictions. Personally, I rarely use all the drink coupons we get as a result of our RR Visa Card use, but now I have to keep track of which ones expire when. Why is this policy necessary?
Explorer C
How can you put an expiration date out there on coupons that were already issued without an expiration date???? . Bad PR SWA!! Why not let the coupons that are already issued just die off.
Explorer C
Since I'm not flying Southwest between now and August of this year, I guess I'll bring my two books of drink tix to the airport and sell them for $1 a ticket.
Explorer C
This is the first time that I have been upset with Southwest. Now that I look I see some stories about this and even some emails in their newsletter. But the flight attendant on my flight yesterday was rude about it, blamed corporate policy, and then took my coupons ripped them in half and asked how I would like to pay for my drink. Terrible service.
Explorer C
Ryan, I just got 4 new drink coupons in the mail today. Thanks very much - it was an unexpected surprise for this rapids reward member. Sometimes I fly business select (which gives a free drink on my ticket) in the morning and am not able to redeem my drink coupon (not good to drive a rental car after drinking). It would be nice if it was still valid on either my return trip at the end of the week where I am done driving and on my way home - or on a different trip like a vacation. Any way you can get that to happen?